Immunity Boosting Foods and A Healthy You

I found the AARP magazine is good for more than starting your fireplace.  It included these ideas for helping boost your immune system to help ward off illness and make you healthier.

LEMONS – restore acid-alkali balance in the body. The natural pH levels support healthy bacteria instead of the viruses that thrive in acidic conditions.

GARLIC – the ‘edible antibiotic’.  Especially potent when eaten in its raw form.

KIDNEY BEANS & CHICKPEAS – contain necessary daily protein required for a strong immunity.

BRAZIL NUTS – the No. 1 source for selenium, an antioxidant that helps rejuvenate our bodies and kill off germs.

HOT CHOCOLATE – A new Harvard University study found that drinking two cups of cocoa a day for 30 days significantly improved memory in older adults.  Lead researcher Farzaneh Sorond, M.D. says her team found cocoa drinking boosted blood flow to the brain, particularly in those whose flow was impaired.

CINNAMON – Moderated blood pressure.  Add to your cocoa.

CHILI POWDER – Calms arthritis, may ease headaches, helps with insulin control in those with diabetes.

PEPPERMINT – Aids in digestion.


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