Venetian Marinara Red Pasta Sauce

A Row of Home Canned TomatosI first tasted this incredible homemade sauce in Salerno Italy.  My son and I visited the home of his friend Enza where her mother showed me how to make this wonderful sauce.  The original recipe uses fresh cherry tomatoes in the sauce to be served over hand rolled pasta.

Venetian Marinara Sauce

12 cups (#10 can) Italian Plum Tomatoes

6 cups crushed tomatoes

8 garlic cloves, skinned and sliced thin

1/4-1/2 cup olive oil

2-4 Tablespoon sea salt

Mill plum tomatoes (or blend until liquified). Heat oil.  Saute garlic pieces ‘til lightly brown.  Discard garlic.  Add all tomato products.  Add salt.  Bring to boil, simmer until reduced 1/3  – 1/2 (usually 1 or more hours) stirring occasionally to prevent sticking and burning on bottom.

For 100 cups:

12 – #10 cans Italian plum tomatoes

6 – #10 cans crushed tomatoes

96 garlic cloves

3-5 cups olive oil

3 cups sea salt


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